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Talk by Rhys Griffith Unlocking the History of your House on 2nd February 2022 is now on YouTube. Use the link to connect to it

Prepare to become obsessed and absorbed in a new hobby!!

Historical records are accessible from this website so that you can find information about your property through the years from the comfort of your own chair and computer!!

Before you start:

The information you find about your home will be stored, in the future, on a searchable database, so that it can be accessed by others.  Therefore the facts you uncover need to be organised under a series of fixed headings:  see ‘Set out your information’

Here are some of the records you can search on this site:

Follow the clear instructions on Search Documents Page to help you as you go along.

1840/41 Tithe Maps & Apportionment, original and transcribed

1841 – 1911 Census Records, original and transcribed.

1910 – Lloyd George ‘Domesday’ Finance Act original and transcribed.

1930 – Royal Commission Survey

When you finish (if ever!) or as you complete a section:

Contact Rob Morgan (Project Coordinator) through the contact page

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